Welcome to the Chestnut Ridge Conservancy

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of  Chestnut Ridge Park

A Playground For All now open!  Enjoy!

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The Chestnut Ridge Conservancy

The Chestnut Ridge Conservancy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to work closely with the Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to be of help as an added resource for restoration and improvements to, and the hosting of events, in Chestnut Ridge Park.  Generous contributions of time and talent from our Board of Directors as well as financial contributions from the public make our mission possible.

The Chestnut Ridge Conservancy’s “2023 & beyond” Initiatives

  1. Eternal Flame Trail Safety Enhancement Project – RFP Issued 3-10-23 (See link below for RPF)
  2. 100 Steps water leakage remediation & further preservation efforts 
  3. Hunter Kelly Playground Equipment Replacement and Restoration
  4. Annual Native Tree Re-planting Program – Fall 

Eternal Flame Trail Safety Enhancement Project

The Conservancy is seeking “Requests for Proposals” (RFP) on a project we are looking to engage within Chestnut Ridge Park to improve the trail hike to the Eternal Flame. This project will involve improving/building steps on the descent to the stream bed, restructuing the trail at the stream bed and clearing the stream bed of fallen timber. If you would like to review or download and respond to the RFP, please click on the link below  Thank You for your interest in our 2023 Eternal Flame Trail Project initiative!

Please join us.  We need your support!

As a member, your tax-deductible contribution will be used to help us with the projects listed above or enhance park usability and improve access to some of the lesser-known features of Chestnut Ridge Park.  If you would rather donate without becoming a member, there are donation levels to meet every budget.  Thank you for your support.