In Memoriam

To those who have served on our Board of Directors and have passed away, we  pay our utmost respect to them here on this page and salute them for their dedication and service to the Chestnut Ridge Conservancy.  Their service and dedication will not be forgotten.

Peter Swartwout

February 26, 2019

Conservancy Vice President

Six years of service to CRC

Avid runner & bicyclist

Raymond A. Fabaniak

August 8, 2015


Conservancy Chairman and Founding Trustee

Civic Leader


Edward Starosielec

January 11, 2018


Conservancy Vice President & Founding Trustee

Former Calspan Vice President & Visionary Engineer

Memorial Donations

Gordon M. Panek
James & Toni Cudney

Liz & Joe Cash

Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations

Save the Date!


Chestnut Ridge Conservancy

2019 Annual Meeting


Chestnut Ridge Park Casino

Thursday, May 9th 6pm


Join us for an informative presentation of what we've accomplished in 2018 and what we're looking to achieve in 2019.  Come see our presentation on our "all inclusive playground" initiative and provide us some live feed back and suggestions.

All are welcome!

Refreshments and horderves after