Our Dedicated Board

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated men and women that share a love of Chestnut Ridge Park. Most of us have grown up here, spending many a childhood weekend tobogganing down the giant hill, picnicking at one of the shelters, walking or biking over the more than 1,200 acres of natural beauty, or simply admiring the 100 Steps and the Eternal Flame.

The rest of us have discovered the park later in life, but are equally enthusiastic and are happy to share the park with our children and grandchildren. Regardless of our personal history with the park, we all look forward to helping restore and preserve this county gem.

banner-20100331bOfficers and Directors

  • Justine Lefauve*, President
  • Ron Michnik*, Vice President
  • Gordon Panek, Secretary
  • Tom DiSimone, Treasurer
  • Liz Cash
  • Toni Cudney
  • Marilyn Heim
  • Ed Kasperek
  • Mona Lloyd
  • Paul Maurer
  • Diane Morse
  • Jon Mugel
  • Joseph Powers
  • Michael Neumeister
  • Ron Smith
  • Ed Starosielec*
  • Peter Swartwout


* indicates Founding Trustee

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